Lindsay + Cameron – Spontaneous Donner Lake Elopement

I was lucky enough to work with Yeliz again on another quick spur of the moment elopement, where two people who were in love just wanted to get married. Lindsay and Cameron’s love was so pure and sweet. I loved listening to their story. They are from Washington DC and wanted to fly somewhere pretty and elope, because they loved each other so much and also because they had a little baby on the way. This particular pregnancy was a miracle though which made this elopement even more special. Lindsay is a breast cancer survivor and had been told that she would probably never have children of her own, but she defied the odds so many times. Not only with surviving breast cancer, but conceiving a beautiful baby.

This was also the first elopement where I signed my name as a witness on their marriage documents. Which was so amazing to be apart of. The bride wore a navy blue dress in honor of her grandmother who did the same for her wedding. These moments will always be close to my heart and I can not believe that I get to do this as a job. So dang lucky they chose me.

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