Brandy + Scott – Fallen Leaf Lake Elopement

My favorite kind of elopements are the ones that are small, simple + out of the blue.Yeliz from The Hytch messaged me four days before this elopement to see if I was available and luckily I was. The second she introduced me to Brandy, I knew that she was my perfect client. They were so laid back and went with the flow of anything and I think that led to an amazing and special day for them. Brandy had two gorgeous daughters from previous relationship and Scott had come into their lives and decided to become their step dad which is super amazing and sweet. They were all so good together laughing and dancing and having fun.

I convinced them to put their art in the water for their ceremony and he pictures came out so perfect and unique. Having creative freedom is everything. We finished the night off in the forest eating cake and drinking champagne (apple cider for the girls) It was such a short and sweet thing that gave me so much inspiration and life and love.

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