Jamie + Matt – California Wedding

From the second I met Jamie and Matt at their engagement session this last summer. I saw the bond they had with each other. The chemistry they shared was amazing and it showed immediately in their photos. The way they looked at each other and the way they played and moved with each other was such a touching thing to witness. If you know these two, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I knew after I took their engagements that I couldn’t for their wedding day.

Fast forward to September 30th of 2018. We are on Jamie’s family owned private golf course in Stockton, California. The venue was gorgeous, the bridesmaids were beautiful and jamie and matt both looked so stunning. Jamie and her closest friends spent the morning sipping champagne, sharing past stories of the bride and groom and praying, while the boys played a game of golf to help calm the nerves. The ceremony was nothing short of heartfelt. The tears Matt shed while his new bride walked down the aisle, made me shed some of my own. Im so blessed to have been chosen to capture their special day. It was so nice to be around so many people who saw the beauty in Matt and Jamie’s relationship, just like I did the first moments I met them.

Here are some highlights of this breathtaking wedding.

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